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Secrets To Brewing Delicious Turkish Coffee Better Than Barista

Secrets To Brewing Delicious Turkish Coffee Better Than Barista

Oct 13, 2023

Since ancient times, coffee has been a favorite and very popular drink among different peoples and nationalities. It has incredible aroma, divine taste, and many benefits for our health. Coffee is not just a drink, but a whole centuries-old history, laid in a single cup. It is hard to imagine romantic dates, coffee breaks at work, or all-night study sessions without a cup of awesome coffee. And what could be better than sipping hot coffee after a gambling session at the bookmaker website Vave or a comfy movie evening at home?  Aroma and an incredibly pleasant aftertaste are what should always be associated with a cup of well-brewed coffee. However, to make awesome coffee at home every coffee lover needs to learn several brewing secrets. In this article, we’ll explore the secrets to brewing one of the most authentic coffee drinks around the world, Turkish coffee. But let’s first go over the interesting history of this drink. 

Coffee history: How it all began! 

One of the popular legends explains the origin of coffee in a very interesting way. In the 8th century AD, a lonely Ethiopian shepherd was grazing his flock and there grew a strange plant with beans. After eating it the sheep behaved more vigorously and actively. Naturally, people became curious about what kind of miracle fruits they were, and then they tasted the aroma and taste of this marvelous plant. It is believed that coffee became popular worldwide only after it was brought to Istanbul in the 15th century. In the 17th century, coffee became popular in other countries. Today this warm beverage is undoubtedly one of the most consumed drinks around the world. 

Nowadays, there are hundreds of ways and recipes for preparing incredible coffee drinks. One of the most delightful coffee drinks is Turkish coffee. By the way, experts think that Turkish coffee can only be prepared in traditional coffee pot cezve. Coffee lovers are often interested in how to properly brew coffee in a cezve at home, because this is, in fact, the most accessible and interesting way of preparing this marvelous drink. 

But coffee drinking is not only the process of taking liquid but also a fascinating and peculiar action that describes the process of its preparation. It is believed that a good cezve should be made of copper, as it retains heat for a long time and heats up quickly, in addition, it should be equipped with a narrow neck. If you are concerned about buying a new cezve, it is better to turn your attention to small variants, the volume for 1-2 servings. If you are even going to brew this amazing drink for a large company, then it is better to do it for each person.

What do you need to make delicious Turkish coffee at home?

First of all, it is, of course, a coffee pot cezve. The next things you need are an electric stove and a coffee grinder. Remember that good coffee is the one that you just took out of the packet, ground, and immediately brewed. To brew coffee beans with foam at home, it is necessary to acquire the beans themselves, otherwise, you are unlikely to come up with anything. The choice of beans is, of course, a purely individual matter – some people like milder varieties of beans, and others like stronger ones.

The taste and character of coffee are influenced by many factors: where the beans were grown, how much and how carefully they were stored, and how carefully they were processed and prepared. Of course, you can choose the best drink for yourself based only on your preferences, but there are some recommendations for its choice: buy only freshly roasted beans. In general, it is believed that after roasting coffee can be stored for only 2-10 days, then it loses its unique flavors and notes. Lucky are those who know how to roast the beans themselves. However, it is not so easy, and for beginners in this case it is better not to get involved, otherwise you can forever spoil your impression of this drink.

By the way, some people prefer to buy green coffee beans. It is not a drink of green color at all, it is the same coffee, just its beans are not roasted, and sent to the can immediately after primary processing. It is such beans that can be roasted independently, which, by the way, is what the inhabitants of Brazil prefer to do. In this case, the technology of making Turkish coffee remains unchanged, it is not necessarily roasted, and, by the way, you can brew ground directly in a mug, but this, of course, is an option for the lazy and very busy. In addition to the coffee itself, you will need all sorts of additives that will suit your taste – sugar, spices, such as cinnamon, ginger, nuts, and cumin. Some people even like coffee with pepper or salt. Now you’ve got all the secrets to making perfect Turkish coffee at home!