April 17, 2024
Noor Malabika: Sensational Actress of OTT Platforms

Noor Malabika: Sensational Actress of OTT Platforms

Mar 28, 2024

Web series and short films are the biggest sources of entertainment in today’s time. People spend their travel time free time and lonely by watching short films and web shows. There are different categories and genres of web shows. It totally depends on the person who is watching. There are different audiences for different categories. You all watch web shows and it is so normal in today’s time. That is a normal thing. Now many actors got work and fame from the web series. As it is a bit hard to get work in films in the starting phase of the career without any recognition. So it is one of the best platforms to continue your career and make it grow through web shows on the OTT platform. So one of the actresses about whom we will discuss in deep is Noor Malabika.

Noor Malabika is a great and pretty actress. Her work is also so much famous. The maximum percentage of her fan base is male. Boys and men do like her work a lot. Now when you are a fan of somebody you are eager to know about that person. Along with that why she has a good male fan base is a question in your mind. So there will be no question or doubt in your mind as we will deliver a lot of information about her through this article. Now if you don’t want to miss about that required information which you can also find interesting. Then let’s walk together till the last word of this article.

Physical Stats of Noor Malabika

Physique is the basic and one of the vital requirements in the film and modeling industry. If an actor or actress has a good physique, then they get more preference as compared to the other actors and actresses. So let’s have a look at the physical stats of Noor Malabika. Her height is around 5 feet and 7 inches. She weighs around 60 kg. Her eyes and hair color are black. Now if we talk about her measurements then it is 32-38-34.

Her overall physique is damn good and attractive this is also one of the reasons that she has a good fan following among the males. This is one of the reasons that she is getting more and more work in popular web series. Physique is one of the main attractions in the female actresses that fit in a role. The makers also look for these things to cast them in the projects.

Parents and Siblings of Noor Malabika

An actor or actress gets popularity through their work and after that, their parents and siblings also get the recognition. Now we did deep research about her and her family but we didn’t get anything about her family. The names of her family members are unknown. If in case, we will come to know something about her family then we will surely update about them to all our readers. All we know about her family is that apart from her parents she has one younger brother but his name is unknown. She also has one elder sister whose name is Mousami Das Chowdhury. So this is the maximum information we got while researching about her family.

Education of Noor Malabika

Noor Malabika is a well-educated actress. She completed her higher studies at Jettwings School of Aviation and Management. This adds a plus point to her personality. Education is necessary no matter what field you are choosing for the future or as your career.

Career of Noor Malabika

She worked in many web series of Ullu and Alt Balaji. She worked in I Am Sorry Teacher. She worked in Charamsukh the most talked web series on Ullu. She played the role of Rashmi in this web show. She worked in a mini-series Walkman. She worked in one more popular series which many of you have heard about. The show name is Palang Tod. She worked in Dekhi Andekhi as Neha. This series has 7 episodes. Then she worked in Adla Badli. She was also featured as Jenny in Teekhi Chutney. She played the role of Tina in Jaghanya. She appeared as Malti in Desire. She also worked in Backroad Hustle.

She is an actress who works in adult web series. That’s why we also mentioned above that she is much famous among the males. She is good-looking and attractive. You need guts and you have to keep your shame aside to work in such a web series. You can say that she is doing amazing work and on the other hand, many people say that they are just ruining the generation with these kind of movies and shows. It totally depends on person to person that what they think about this industry.

Noor Malabika
Noor Malabika


To sum up we want to say that this is an industry that she didn’t create and she just chose to work in such web series. She really doesn’t care what people say about her as it does not harm her in any aspect. By saying anything to her or to this industry will not make any difference. They are just doing their work what they want to do and earning money and a good amount of money. Then why will she entertain anybody who speaks negative about her or her work?


  • She was born on 1st November 1993
  • Her Zodiac Sign is Scorpio
  • She was born in Mumbai
  • She is a non-vegetarian
  •  Her favourite food is Fish
  • Noor is a Bengali and her caste is Brahmin
  • She also has one tattoo on her wrist.

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