July 22, 2024
The Best Accessories for your Smart TV

The Best Accessories for your Smart TV

Aug 23, 2023

Smart TV has changed the meaning of television for us. Smart TVs have a built-in Internet system that allows you to connect it with your home WiFi and control what you watch. Apart from accessing channels and programmes on demand, Smart TV allows you to use Internet services on your television screen. These TVs are made to support multiple other hardware including HDMI cables, storage devices, audio-video connections and even your mobile phones. You can access anything connected to the internet or bluetooth from your smart Tv. 

Taking your TV experience to another level, smart TVs can stream from all your favourite video streaming apps like YouTube, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney Hotstar, Hulu and also display social networking apps like Facebook and Twitter on your TV screens. 

Since all streaming services require a working internet connection to show you your favorite content, you’ll need to make sure that your internet is up for it. Consider upgrading to Quantum Fiber Internet because it offers speeds up to 940 Mbps and comes with unlimited data and no contracts. Once that’s 7sorted, you can begin exploring the smart devices for your TV. Read on to know more.

Amazon Fire TV stick 4k

To enhance your video streaming experience, the Amazon Fire stick provides an even faster streaming with its dual-antenna WiFi. It  supports HD streaming up to 4k Ultra HD streaming for all your favourite streaming services including Netflix, Apple Tv, Hulu and HBO. Amazon Prime members also get access to unlimited TV shows and movies.

The Fire stick remote comes with Amazon Alexa, the voice assistant who helps you switch channels and play programmes through voice commands. Amazon Alexa can also control your home theatre, Bluetooth headphones or devices connected to Bluetooth. With all these amazing specs, it makes one of the best accessories to own for your smart TV. 

Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box

To set your mood for TV, you can install lighting that adds to the ambiance of your living room. The Philips Hue Play HDMI sync Box allows you to sync LED lights with the lighting on your screen creating a mood that is aligned with what you’re watching. It can also connect with up to four HDMI devices that allows you to set up your entire space aesthetically. 

WALI Floating Tempered Glass TV Shelf

Since we’re looking at aesthetics of your living room, another accessory that will lift up your space and provide a neat storage for your cable box or other TV accessories is the WALI floating tempered glass tv shelf. It comes in a pair of shelves that can hold up to 35 pounds of weight which makes it suitable to place your gaming console, remotes and other objects. 

If you have more items to place, you can always purchase extra shelves. Each shelf can hold 17.5 pounds and helps you organise conveniently. The WALI floating shelves are also available for corners and they come with a hidden cable management system to make sure your wires don’t look messy. 

Sonorous Remote Control Holder

When it comes to keeping your space organised and clean, one of the items that keep floating around and are often lost when needed are remote controls. The Sonorous remote control holder has a 5 tier organiser to hold a number of remotes. The remote holder has a beautiful leather texture and is available in three different colours to match your living room. 

The remote control holder is environment friendly as it is produced from vegan leather. 

PDP Talon Media remote 

Since your remote controller organisation is sorted, it’s time we introduce another very convenient and useful remote. The PDP Talon media remote is compatible with your XBOX to allow you to control apps like Netflix and Hulu. It can be very frustrating to use your XBOX controller to navigate through your apps. This remote controller is designed to improve your experience. With backlit lights, it is easy to use in dim lights.

DataComm Electronics TV Cable Organizer

Cables and wires can be visually displeasing. The last step to your perfect living room experience is organising your loose cables. This DataComm kit allows you to tuck all your cables behind the TV console or wall with an open end near your devices and entertainment centre. 

These are some of our most favourite accessories to own with a smart TV. Make your Television watching experience relaxing and accessible. These small accessories can help you organise and sort all gadgets to give you a clean and aesthetic space. Whether you’re living on your own or have kids at home, these accessories will make sure that your home is mess-free and well-equipped for a great theatre experience. 

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