May 24, 2024
Insta Thunder Apk Download: Instagram but With Extra Benefits

Insta Thunder Apk Download: Instagram but With Extra Benefits

Apr 8, 2024

Social Media is a great source of entertainment and communication in today’s time. There are a lot of social media platforms available on the internet. Some of them are very common to you because most of the users use them on the daily basis. Not most of them but those who are using smartphones are having those applications. One of them is Instagram and we all know that Instagram is one the biggest social media platform that everyone uses all over the world. Users can chat, call and can also do video calls on this platform. Reels option was recently added a few years back which made this application a full packed entertainer. Now there are a lot of third party apps are available on the internet. So for Instagram it is insta thunder apk. Insta thunder apk download will be our key point for today.

Insta Thunder app provides a lot of various features that the normal or we can say the official application do not provide. It has a lot of benefits. Though it is not officially launched by the original users still it gives a lot great modes in Instagram that amaze an user to another extent. There are a lot more to know about it that how you can download, what are the extra special benefits it gave as compare to the original version of Instagram. So now the wait is over let’s move towards the details and the vital information of this app through the article given below.

About Insta Thunder Apk Download

This app is as same as the original one. It just increases the potential of the Instagram by giving various benefits which an user always feel like Instagram should provide. This app is modified by Sam Mods. It is available for both the software’s either for Android or for iOS. The theme of this application is also so classy that gives an user a premium feel. It allows the user to download the videos or the photos from the Instagram. Many time people like some of the videos but they are not able to download it form a normal Instagram but on this application every small need of an user has been fulfilled. The size of this application is between 80-100 MB. It varies according to the smartphone and their operating system.

Growth in Followers

It will help to increase the followers of the users. The followers will not look like fake but instead it seems a lot original. It will increase your content reach to the audience more and more and it will help you to get more followers so all those followers will be original. That is a great news to the users.

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It will suggest you for your post so that you can a good reach to the audience and can increase the viewership on your content which will help you to grow your account on a good note.

Followers and Following Notifications

On the core version of Instagram, you will be notified that there is somebody who started following your account. Now what can be added in it is that who unfollowed you. So through insta thunder app you can get the notification of the person you unfollowed you. This is one of the coolest feature in everyone’s view.

Post Management

This will manage your post uploading as it will set the time to upload your posts. So that your posts can get that growth because it always suggests the time which follows the algorithm of the Instagram. So this application seems like a personal assistant.

Device requirement

You can download it in your smartphone whether it is Android or IOS. It will not create any disturbance in any of the device. The only thing an android user require is that the operating system should be above 6.0. This is the one and only requirement it asks for.

How to download: Insta Thunder Apk Download

Initially just enter the insta thunder apk download on the search bar of the browser you use.

Secondly, open the sites available there and verify it whether it is modified by Sam Mods

After that just see the option of the download and always take care of the latest version before proceeding to download the application.

The next step you just need to allow it for getting download. Then your application will be downloaded and will be ready to use within few seconds if you are on a stable internet.

These are the simple steps through which you can just simply download this application

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This application is a third party app does not mean it will bother you with advertisements. It is an ad free application. It will also translate the words which are different from your language. You can easily download the reels, photos, videos, and stories as well.

insta thunder apk download
insta thunder apk download


Lastly, we want to say that this application is a boon to the Instagram users. Especially to those who use Instagram on a good scale. It means they use it for making reels and posting one or two reels every day and keep an eye on their posts, followers, and reach of their content on Instagram. This app is a kind of personal assistant or a paid version of Instagram but there are no charges for it. It is ad free and it is charge free. What else a person can ask from an app.

We found a lot of things and what we felt necessary we shared it with you else we will be keep on sharing more interesting articles with you. Till then stay safe, stay healthy, and keep entertaining yourself.


This is a third party app and we do not encourage to use any third party apps. We just wrote an article on it. So just use it at your own risk.

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