July 22, 2024
UP Bhulekh: Portal to Check Land Details

UP Bhulekh: Portal to Check Land Details

Mar 15, 2024

We have seen a lot of changes in the state of Uttar Pradesh after BJP came into power.   Crime rate has declined a lot. Electricity issues has been solved on a high note in maximum areas. Government has also launched many portals and yojana for the welfare of the people. Yojanas gave a lot of benefit to the people of the state. Whereas portal made many of their work easy. Then they don’t need to roam from place to place for their work. Everything can be done with a great ease through this portal on any of the device like phone, tablet, and laptop. We will talk about Up bhulekh today.

It gives people a lot of comfort. It helps people to check the important information on their device itself. Many of you know about it already. Still there are a lot of information a portal consist. So you should have the knowledge about its every single point. This is a wise thing to keep yourself well informed about the portal you are using or you will use in future. I also know you are eager to get a deep information about this portal. We did a great research on this portal for you. So we will share a lot of vital information, facts, and details about this portal. Now if you want to grab all the required information about this portal and if you don’t want to miss on that then don’t go anywhere just complete the article till the end and then you will get to know a lot of things. So let’s go through the article.

About UP Bhulekh

UP bhulekh was launched in 2016. It is like a boon to the peoples of the state. As it allows people of Uttar Pradesh to check about the land, their boundaries, and their owners etc. This is available for all the citizens of the state. This save people from the travel to the office of Tehsildar. As we all know property is something which made and still making a lot of disputes between the people’s they can be relatives or the neighbours. Now whenever somebody faces such kind of problem regarding the property they knock the door of Tehsildar. It also takes time and the dispute will continue to be like that untill and unless it will be solved properly by Tehsildar. People use to do a lot fraud with the properties. So this portal save people from that as well. You can just normally check your land and what’s the current status of the property. It is also good that you can keep a proper eye on your property to check whether everything is alright or not.

Ways to download Khasra Khatauni

  • Khasra Khatauni is a number which is assigned to a land or place in villages or rural area. So people of Uttar Pradesh can download this number easily from this portal. Let’s go through the steps below:
  • Initially you have to visit the website of the portal which is upbhulekh.gov.in.
  • Then you will see a normal interface like other portals there you will see an option Khatauni ki Nakal Dekhin. Just tap on it.
  • It will redirect you to the captcha page where you have to enter the captcha code.
  • · After that choose the required details that it will ask you to choose.
  • Then you can search by Khasra number, name of the owner and khata number
  • Enter the asked information and tap on the search button
  • Then you will see all the details in an organised manner

Information this portal provide

  • Information of previous owners
  • Information of public properties
  • Information of empty lands and properties
  • Khasra Number
  • Khata Number
  • Boundaries of land

Ways of checking owner details

  • Visit the official website of UP Bhulekh i.e. upbhulekh.gov.in/
  • Tap on the option View copy of Khatauni
  • Then it will ask for some details which is required to proceed further on the website. Just enter all those details in the given columns.
  • Select the option you want and tap on search.
UP Bhulekh
UP Bhulekh


Lastly, I want to say that UP government is doing a great job. Introducing a lot of beneficial things for the people of the state. Through this portal also now the disputes and the scams will reduce. People can easily check all the details about the property. If you will see UP is a state nowadays having a lot of portals. This is the best way to use and justify the digital India. This is a great initiative by the government. Now it’s your duty to get all the knowledge about it and make yourself a well-informed citizen of the state and look into it deeply. So that you can take the benefits of this portal properly. Not only this portal but every portal.

Hope you got all the information about this portal and found this article beneficial for you. Thank you for reading this article till the end. We will see you in the next article with more new facts and details of a new and knowledgeable topic.

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